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Use Cases Aurora Predictions
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Use Cases

AI Sales Improvement

Aurora LightZ is an exceptional tool to improve sales performance. Please view three separate use case examples to see how it can help you.

AI Predicted Sales Closing | AI Sales Team Performance | AI Fair Challenge Stretch Quota

AI Revenue Management

Here we discuss use cases that highlight a few of the AI revenue management capabilities of Aurora LightZ with built-in AI-Enabled trend prediction, analytical scoring and unbiased AI generated statistical forecasting.

AI Demand Forecasting | AI Demand Signaling | AI Customer Churn Mitigation | AI Product & Promotion Management

AI Forecasting & Planning

These use cases outline many of the issues within the forecasting and planning process and the successful solutions that Aurora LightZ has to offer you. With Aurora LightZ, there is no need for data scientists or ML, AI-Enabled One-Touch forecast can automate the entire forecast, budgeting, and planning processes with unbiased statistical forecasts.

AI Forecasting, Budgeting & Planning | AI Lead Indicators in Forecasts & Signals | Statistical Drivers in Flex Budgeting & Planning

AI Operations Optimization

Explore use cases on how the built-in correlations allows you to enable point-and-click application on any field(s) of data at any dimension(s) to automatically quantitatively identify where relations exist and don’t exist, plus, efficiency drivers can be selected and applied as well.

Correlations | AI Optimizing Costs | Efficiency Opportunities

Automate & Elevate Reports

Millions of people spend an average of 70% of their day collecting data, cleaning data and other laborious efforts costing businesses $60b annually. Explore how you can use the built-in reporting feature in LightZ that enables you to automate current reports and more!