About Aurora Predictions

Aurora Predictions has a new concept for big data discovery and visualization. Software that has intelligence to look at data from what a businessman needs to improve performance vs. a technologist or statistician that looks at data for programmatic or mathematical manipulation.

We know discovery better than anyone, as it was our founder who developed the concepts of hyper-dimensional data discovery over a dozen years ago. In essence, discovery is the ability to explore an unbroken string of questions in the context of the moment.

How many times have you looked at a BI report, dashboard, or spreadsheet then asked a question from what you saw? Often, but, that is where discovery usually stops. You then have to wait for a further report to get an answer, only to have the process repeat again.

Insights from discovery and visualization can be enlightening for performance improvements. The Aurora advancement was not to stop there, and to add atop of insights, an intelligence engine that could solve the highest anxiety of business . . . making the quarterly revenue target. And doing this without the need of an analyst so that an actionable plan is instantaneously available.

With Aurora, executives, business analysts and subject matter experts all have tools to create insights to better performance and foresights for revenue assurance!