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The Analytics Academy Certificate Program Aurora Predictions
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The Analytics Academy Certificate Program

The Analytics Academy

The Analytics Academy is where CXO's, VP's, Directors, Managers and Analysts come to understand HOW TO implement Analytics for insight, better forecasting, data-driven decisions & career advancement. The Analytics Academy is unique in the way it teaches Analytics from a Mindset, People, Process and System perspective for students to advance their business partnering value creation abilities.

The Analytics Academy is hosted by the JPK Group and produced by the Finance Analytics Institute.  Click here to learn more about FAI.

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Analytics Intelligence Certificate

Completing the Analytics Academy is the foundation for participants to start earning a certificate in Analytics Intelligence. Participants must complete the Analytics Academy (core modules) in order to proceed to the additional 6 modules below:

1 - Roadmap to Implement an Analytics Culture (Core Module)
2 - Systems & Storytelling for Data Driven Decisions (Core Module)
3 - Systematic Thinking to Exploit Data for Better Insights
4 - AI & Analytics Training for Insights & Your Career Advancement
5 - From Basic Statistics to Real Insight & Foresight
6 - Analytics Business Partnering
7 - Long Range Modelling with Predictive Analytics & Monte Carlo Simulation
8 - Statistical Driver Based Planning