AI & Analytics Training

Quick-start your LightZ™ experience with a series of four virtual training classes on how to use advanced analytics and AI for forecasting, predicting, reporting, and analysis. You will use LightZ™ to find insights not available from spreadsheets, BI, visualization, and budgeting tools.

Class I

You will learn how to build, change, and load data into predictive models with a sample data-set.

Class II

You will experience, first-hand, in this 1-on-1 training class the insights available from analytics with your data.  You will bring your own data for applications of statistical drivers for planning and flex budgeting, demand planning, forecasting, supply-chain disconnects, correlations with leading indicators, trend predictions, product portfolio management, promotion timing, predictive sales closures, etc.

Class III & IV

You will gain much deeper insights into your data by using One-Touch™ AI forecasting and learn how to approach forecasting to obtain the highest levels of reliability in these 1-on-1 classes. We’ll further explore predictive reporting with correlations and leading indicators, charting, and dashboarding then introduce statistical forecasting, and statistically significant drivers for planning, normalizing comparisons, and finding revenue opportunities.