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Aurora LightZ™ Features Aurora Predictions
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Aurora LightZ™ Features

Discover Your Tomorrow Today

Aurora LightZ™ AI-Enabled analytics uses data from CRM, ERP, POS, BI, other sources AND spreadsheets to identify material risks from unseen revenue loss and opportunities for revenue gain to assure making the quarterly revenue target.

As there is an unfilled gap of some 1.5 million Data Scientists and big data analysts, LightZ™ becomes the AI Data Scientist for Sales, Operations, and Finance. No need to know statistics or programming, as LightZ™ built-in and purpose-built analytics models automatically are applied to all data at all dimensions.

If you know Excel then you’ll find LightZ intuitive to use!

AI With No ML That Delivers Exceptionally High Accuracy

LightZ™ contains many capabilities and one such special capability is AI-Enabled forecasting. Accurate forecasting is dependent on the data to forecast, the segment it is forecast at, the forecast formula, and the historical time series of data to be used by the formula. But what formula to use to forecast, with which data, and with how much historical data, at the segment of interest?

You can consume enormous amounts of time to research these answers or hire skilled Data Scientists or simply engage One-Touch AI Forecast. Just select the data to forecast and at which segments and, with one click, the One-Touch automatically produces an unbiased forecast with the highest propensity for accuracy.

A Dashboard That Really Shows The Trends

Dashboards can be “beautiful” and sometimes insightful, but too many times can be dangerous by creating false negatives or positives to the future. This is because visualization/dashboards are not predictive, and a trend of the past may not forecast the future. For example, you are blind to know if that good trend on the graph you’re looking at will go bad, thus potentially leading you to an erroneous decision.

LightZboard™ shows the past, present, and predicts the future in one view to give actionable insights and foresight. This knowledge enables the assessment of the probability to make plan targets and have months of runway to either course correct down-turns or accelerate advantages.

"Let Me Decide"

When competing views of the forecast or plan emerge, LightZ feature to “Let Me Decide” generates five statistical and one AI unbiased forecasts on any data Field(s) at any dimension.  Now when there is a forecast from, say, Sales that Finance thinks is too high, Let Me Decide shows 6 unbiased methods, and the average of all, to inform on a range of outcomes and bring analytics to the table vs gut feelings.

Monte Carlo Simulations

Especially in times of uncertainty, the Monte Carlo Simulation produces statistical bands of outcomes of the forecast based on the volatility in each Field of data at each dimension.  MC Simulation is available on all Fields at all dimensions with a simple point and click.  This advanced unbiased statistics avoids the “I think the forecast should be + or – 10%” biased guess.  Further, MC Simulation is profoundly valuable for setting SLA levels, or dynamic inventory min/max values, or negotiations for discounts, and much more.

Powerful Correlations

Correlations are very powerful but their incorporation in spreadsheet, BI or visualization tools is difficult, so typically a high-level surrogate is used that’s often wrong at the detailed dimensional level. Now with LightZ, all Fields of data are automatically correlated at every dimension with a simple point and click to reveal detailed relationships. For example, automatically find where the supply-chain between distribution and retail sales is broken. Don’t know the meaning of the value of the Coefficient of Correlation? LightZ will tell you with a cell-bar icon if the correlation is strong, weak, or non-existent.

Fair Challenge

You’ve just finished the budget or rolling forecast and Mr. Big the CEO comes in to tell you the revenue isn’t enough. You push back saying the numbers have been assembled after days/weeks of work, but to no avail. He wants more. So what can you do? Distribute the amount equally among the sales team? Proportionally? Better yet, engage the LightZ Fair Challenge to quantify just what the CEO is asking for. For example, in the image suppose the CEO wants a challenge of about $100m more. LightZ quantifies that as a 25% probability of attainment. Now there is an unbiased quantitative assessment of the challenge. If the decision is to proceed then the additional amount will be distributed so the amount each Sales Rep receives yields a 25% probability of attainment. As such, all have a “Fair” challenge.

Ready to see Aurora LightZ transform data to insights?

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