Aurora LightZ™

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Aurora LightZ™ patent pending Algorithmic AI analyzes internal data from CRM, ERP, POS, BI and other sources to identify material risks from unseen revenue loss and opportunities for revenue gain to assure making the quarterly revenue target.

As there is an unfilled gap of some 1.5 million Data Scientists and big data analysts, LightZ™ becomes the AI Data Scientist for Sales, Operations, and Finance.

For example, Sales and Finance often disagree on the quarterly revenue outcome. This is because Finance has a quantitative high level number and Sales a qualitative low level forecast for each deal.

Enter LightZ™ to bridge the gap. It analyzes the buying patterns of customers and the selling history of salesmen then quantitatively predicts customers likely to buy and from which salesmen.

Now Sales and Finance have common analytical ground, from the detail to the high level, to assess if the revenue target is reasonable and the particular sales deals and customer churn that may be at risk.

Dashboard Foresight

Traditional dashboards can provide insights to the past but with the Aurora LightZboard™ you can see the past, present, and future in one view. Gaining insights of value on what happened and foresight to the future that provide the runway to improve revenue outcome or correct revenue threats.

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