Academy – Module 3

Most executives and managers say adopting AI and analytics is their top priority, however, only 1 of 3 of these projects succeeds. Further, the lack of analytics costs businesses some $242 billion annually from under optimized planning. Implementing AI has been elusive due to a lack of vision, voice, and clarity on the value of analytics, and how to achieve a culture of data-driven decisions. Module 1 of the Analytics Academy follows the book, “Implementing an Analytics Culture for Data-Driven Decisions”,  to crystallize and articulate the Roadmap to implement an analytics culture and to give clarity to the four main components of Mindset, People, Process, and Systems. These components when aligned encompass a successful implementation path.

In Module 1 you’ll learn each of the four components of the analytics culture, then the assembly of these components into a Roadmap for how to implement analytics. You’ll conclude with an exceptionally enlightening use case where a highly successful analytics proof-of-concept project ended without its implementation, and where and why on the analytics Roadmap misalignment can cause a derailment.