Automate & Elevate Reports

Automate & Elevate Reports


Millions of people spend an average of 70% of their day collecting data, cleaning data, fixing formulas, and compiling spreadsheet reports for demand planning, budgets, sales ops, inventory management, etc. that merely deliver high-level spreadsheets that tell managers little more than they already know.


Time spent in the laborious efforts to deliver operating reports cost business $60b annually!

Aurora Solution:

Built-in reporting enables users to automate current reports. Just upload the data from spreadsheets, transactional systems, data warehouse, BI data mart, etc. and the broadest range of operational reports is available and shareable to identified people and groups.

Further, once the data is in the LightZ™ model the full range of AI-Enabled analytics is available to automatically show the future direction of trends, broken supply-chains, efficiency analysis for improved operations, AI forecasting, AI leading indicators, etc.