Solutions By Role


You need a revenue assurance plan now to make your quarterly target and don’t have time to wait for data scientists and analysts to comb through data only to bring you insights. For example, did you know that these 15 SKUs drive 20% of the revenue? Great – now what?

We built an intelligence engine that analyzes your data to provide insights combined with accurate foresights and – without an analyst – deliver a plan to operations, finance and sales to assure you make your targets.

For example, here are the sales prospects that have the best propensity to close and those that don’t so sales can focus their time optimally. Or, those product lines and associated products that have good growth but will decline in the next three to six months, so line managers can get to work now in upgrades or early low cost promotions.


Add to the significance of the finance office by increasing the value to the business with detailed insights and foresights that drive sales, marketing and operations decisions and strategy. BI and spreadsheet tools give insights of the past. But the past is only half the story. Relying on these tools you’ll only realize 10% to 40% of total potential performance improvement.

Aurora adds on top of insights both foresights and forecasting from tested predictive models that delivery accuracy so managers can see the other half of the story . . . the future! With this knowledge in hand you can proactively plan and optimize business performance.

SME / Analysts

You’re the smart guys but don’t get lost in data or formulas. The business is counting on you to deliver insights that lead to understanding the levers to pull that drive business growth.

We’ve got the discovery, visualization, predictive, and forecasting capabilities and models you need wrapped in an intuitive interface. This will get you going fast and delivering value insights and foresights the business needs now!


IT has done the heavy lifting to create an infrastructure of databases in transactional systems, data warehouses and data marts. We can simply connect with these and blend for analyst and business users to gain levels of insights and foresights that have heretofore been unavailable without complex tools, IT support and data scientists. Our Cloud will relieve all the maintenance but ensure the security demanded of enterprise companies.

You too can join in the value proposition. Our powerful predictive models can be effectively used by IT to gain foresights in disk, memory, CPU, software, and network needs, simulation, optimization, and planning.

Sales / Marketing

LightZ™ software will take your data and provide insights and foresights that translate to making your revenue target. Aurora calculates the lead indicators foresee those customers that have a propensity to close and which are at risk of not closing. With hyper-dimensional capability you can see each opportunity profile by each salesman and prospect. Further, in knowing customer’s opportunity value, you can better target buyers and know when to promote and when not. Understanding the propensity to buy enables you to better manage promotions and discounts. With deep insights and foresights into your revenue plan you gain the confidence to make your revenue targets!


Get ready to strengthen company performance! With Aurora you’ll have the competitive advantage by being able to look at and correlate data, internally and externally. We’ll connect those disparate spreadsheets, data warehouses, and data marts into a cohesive and standardized organization with insightful and forward looking information. LightZ™ will provide accurate 3, 6 to 12 month demand forecasts that will optimize inventory to satisfy demand. As such, you’ll be able to properly plan and won’t expose your company to unwarranted costs and risks. With better optimization you’ll deliver better performance. With better foresights you’ll find and stop revenue leakage before it happens.