Module 2

Systems & Storytelling for Data Driven Decisions



For 4 months you’ll gain access to the highly rated Analytics Academy, Module 2, with 3.4 hours of on-demand videos in 5 classes that comprehensively defines analytics and dispels the misconceptions of digital transformation. Learn at your own pace from industry experts and return as many times as you want to revisit any class during the subscription period. Each class is rich in examples of success and failure along with best practices. The stylized Module is a combination of presentation and Q&A (amongst the presenter and moderator) that gives you the feeling you’re actually at the Academy.

  1. Analytics Business Partnering (44m) – reviews much of Module 1, Class 1 (Digital Transformation) for repetition that’s essential to learning and covers the partnering evolution and roles of business partnering along with the capabilities ladder of analytics and the value creation. Masters the three I’s . . . Insight, Influence, and Impact to tell the business something it does not know with Insight that Influence decisions and Impact strategic direction.
  2. Systems (46m) – reviews much of Module 1, Class 6 (Systems) for repetition that’s essential to learning and covers a wide-ranging examination from reporting to analytics, the need to go beyond Excel, distinguishing between data visualization and analytics tools, followed by the strengths, weaknesses, and applications of those tools, as well as best practices, and introduces the concept of Systematic Intelligence™ to explore data to find insights.
  3. Storytelling Fundamentals (45m) – teaches the rules for analytics storytelling, benchmarks that make a “good” vs “bad” story, best practices for storytelling, and the form and format for storytelling. Using examples, you’ll learn about presenting to the audience, their characteristics, and see an example for the creation of an analytics presentation and its story.
  4. Benchmarking (43m) – is critically important to build an analytics culture as you need to know the gap between your analytics aspiration from where you currently are on the analytics Roadmap. This class teaches what benchmarking is, why it’s important, and the benchmark framework to assess the three areas of Are You Ready, Are You Capable, and Are You Creating Value. The class concludes with reviewing an actual comprehensive benchmark.
  5. My Analytics Journey (27m) – is a use case in operations in a large high-tech manufacturer where a senior director started with a concept of digital transformation but learned that was wrong. How he learned about analytics and rebuilt his analytics journey is enlightening in dispelling the misconceptions of digital transformation, the importance of the analytics benchmark, and the next steps to building an analytics culture for data driven decisions.