LightZ™ Foresight

A Dashboard That Really Shows The Trends

Dashboards can often be “beautiful” and sometime insightful, but too many times can be dangerous by creating false negatives or positives. This is because visualization/dashboards are not predictive and a trend of the past may not forecast the future. For example, you are blind to know if that good trend on the graph you’re looking at will go bad thus potentially leading you to an erroneous decision.

LightZboard™ shows the past, present, and predicts the future in one view to give actionable insights and foresight. This knowledge enables the assessment of the probability to make plan targets and have months of runway to either course correct down-turns or accelerate advantages.

Dashboard Foresight

Traditional dashboards can provide insights to the past but with the Aurora LightZboard™ you can see the past, present, and future in one view. Gaining insights of value on what happened and foresight to the future that provide the runway to improve revenue outcome or correct revenue threats.