It provides the confidence to make quarterly revenue targets through foresights that uncover undetected revenue leakage and insights to what drives the revenue dynamics then delivers an actionable plan for finance, sales and operations.

We are more than visualization! Let’s face it, simple visualization and insights aren’t enough, and can lead to false negatives and positives! Why settle for just an insight; when you can have an accurate predictive foresight too! Aurora can give you insights and foresights that really matter! We are constantly updating our software to give you the best user experience.

The software was designed by users for users to be intuitive to use without training. It has no programming or need for IT support. All is accomplished through point-and-click wizards.

Absolutely! You can even use your own data. Just call us and we’ll take you on a test drive . . . even with your data.

A wide range of people including:

  • Forecasters
  • Financial planners
  • Demand planners
  • Business and supply chain analysts
  • Inventory analysts & managers
  • CFO
  • CMO
  • VP Operations
  • Brand managers
  • Directors & managers of competitive intelligence
  • Directors & managers of strategy
  • Directors & managers of FP&A, operations, marketing
  • Production managers

You can’t optimize your business through reports of the past – as the past is only half the story. We give you a scientific objective look into your future – as the future is the other half of the story. Once you can see the past, present and future then you know where you have been, where you are, and where you will go if you proceed as is. With the whole story you can make decisions that are proactive, change the course where it needs changing, and get better outcomes to optimize business that accelerate growth!

Your people are talented but are limited to using spreadsheets. As such, study after study shows staff waste 75% of its time on manually keying data into spreadsheets and rolling-up reports. They become report compilers not data analyzers. They think of data extraction not data analysis. They are responsive not proactive.

LightZ™ does the IT job people should not do and gives people the capability to build their skills as analysts and proactive planners.

LightZ™ will give you the actionable information to accelerate growth and, when implemented, so expect a 10X-50X ROI in the first 12 months

Take a test drive. Simply call (949-253-8200 ext. 5#) or email us (marketing@aurorapredictions.com) and we’ll assist you from there.