Data Science as a Service

Enterprise Risk Management

Corporate strategy is too often disconnected from tactical operations leading to outcomes that deviate from plan. ERM is the alignment of strategy to operational risk to determine if sales forecasts are excessive to the point of risking profit or actions that imperil the business. To replace static inventory min/max with probabilistic and dynamic min/max to reduce the risk to cash flow but optimize revenue opportunity. To assess the predictors of customer churn and to identify a finite field of threats to demand and simulate their associated impacts.

Public Policy Analysis

Laws and regulations have impact and too often static, outdated, or partisan analysis leads to policies that are detrimental to good public policy. PPA provides in depth quantitative and non-partisan analysis to a wide range of topics that affect public policy.

Bespoke Analysis

Ranges to any area that needs the expertise of skilled Data Scientists to quantitatively assess issues or opportunities.

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