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Intuitive, AI-Enabled Analytics Software for Smarter Insight


Aurora LightZ™ enables the Excel user across finance, operations and sales to provide smarter insights by collecting data from CRM, ERP, POS, BI AND spreadsheets to identify risks from unseen revenue loss and opportunities for revenue gain.


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1 hour of 1-on-1 training is included to help you see insights from YOUR data!

Dashboard Foresight

See the past, present, and future in one view, gaining insights that can improve revenue outcome.

Intuitive Excel-Style Interface

Enable users to exploit their data, improving execution, cutting costs, and increasing revenue.

One-Touch AI Forecast

Get an unbiased forecast with the highest propensity for accuracy with just one click.

Snap-On AI-Enabled Analytics to Spreadsheet Data

Intuitive features with an excel style interface to gather the right information without the need of knowing statistics, data science, or programming.

AI LightZboard™

AI-Enabled Forecasting

Monte Carlo Simulations

Self-Service Analytics

AI Lead Indicators

AI Trend Direction Predictions

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Gain smarter insights for your data-driven decisions to improve business performance.