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Snap On AI-Enabled Analytics to Spreadsheet Data

Intuitive Excel style interface enables users across finance, operations and sales to exploit their data to gain insights for smarter decisions for better planning that improves execution, cut costs, and increases revenue

...without the need of knowing statistics, data science, or programming.

No Insights From Excel

Today, trillions of spreadsheets are managed by millions of people who spend their days trying to forecast demand, track budgets, manage inventory, etc. but no easy way to gain insights – costing business $182b annually.

The Solution? Aurora Disruptive AI with No ML

Our SaaS service easily ingests spreadsheet data to deliver amazing insights, trends, correlations and more in seconds that move the business’ needle. AI is built-in, no programming needed and no Machine Learning, allowing you to use imperfect data.

Broad Applications in Business Plus Automate & Elevate Reporting

Aurora AI-Enabled analytics to predict, forecast, and optimize to make better decisions that lower costs, increase revenue, and accelerates business performance.

Aurora built-in reporting to automate existing reports to gain the dual benefit of reducing labor preparing reports and the application of analytics on the data to reveal unknown risks and unseen opportunities.

AI-Enabled Analytics for Every Excel User

#1. Gather Your Data
From your spreadsheet, transactional system, data warehouse or data mart source via direct connect or selection on your desktop C drive.
#2. Intuitive UX & Quick Start Training
In an hour via an on-line Quick Start training video you’ll be ready to load data, build models & use LightZ™ through its intuitive Excel style user interface and purpose-built & built-in AI.
#3. Upload Your Data & AI Automatically Builds Your Model
Once the data is uploaded the AI will automatically build your model complete with full interactive dynamic reporting, charting, AI predictions & AI forecasting.
#4. Built-In & Purpose-Built AI-Enabled Analytics so You Don’t Have to be a Data Scientist
No ML to code or train, the built-in AI for predictions & forecasting is on-line, purpose-built for a wide range of business analytics, and active on all data.
#5. Get Fast-To-Value Insights in Minutes Not Months
In an hour you’re getting insights that move the business’ needle, and in a week you’re fully implemented with our standard Quick Implementation Program, or you can choose self-serve through the on-line video training library.
#6. Broad Applications with Ultra-High Value
See the Use Cases across Sales, Finance, Operations & Supply-Chain to forecast, predict & optimize for better planning decisions that lowers costs & increases revenue.
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